About - Advisory Board

From its inception, ethiKids, inc. has been informed by a group of highly accomplished people with a shared commitment and passion for the ethical development of children. This expert and diverse Advisory Panel includes:

Professional Educators
Professors, principals, teachers, guidance counselors (both private and public schools), adult and organizational learning experts

Business Professionals
Presidents, human resources, marketing, operations, financial and communication executives, private and public sectors, change management author

Community Leaders
Social Services, Girl Scouts, volunteers, spiritual leadership, youth coaches and counselors

Advisors represent multiple generations, parental states, faiths, cultures, socio-economic backgrounds

Edward Baum

William Bliss

Celeste Coruzzi, PhD

Mark Dorman

Joseph Filocomo

Raymond Flautt

Fariborz Ghadar, PhD

Lila Gordon, PhD

Janice Gorbutt

John LaRosa

Morgan McKeown

Cheryl Palmer

Joyce Rescigno

Mark Riesenberg

Jeri Sedlar

Bhavdeep Singh

Deborah L. Talbot, PhD