Creative Child Magazine Seal of Excellence
In its launch year (2008), “what’s the deal?” was a recipient of Creative Child Magazine’s SEAL OF EXCELLENCE AWARD (Social Awareness Games for Kids category).  This award was the result of a panel of over 50 moms and educators held at the Henderson Convention Center in Nevada.

Police Athletic League NYC
PAL provides a broad spectrum of services to 55,000 children in all five boroughs of New York City each year. They are committed to ensuring that all their children understand the concepts of responsibility, respect and safety by providing models of that behavior. Their educational, recreational and cultural programs inspire and support children throughout the year.  In 2011, “what’s the deal?” was launched in PAL’s Community Centers.   Four months after implementation a feedback session was held.  The following comments attest to its success.

  • Kids think about things from a different point of view.
  • They enjoy Fiona and Luke; like seeing the picture of them on the box.
  • It helps kids with their decision-making.
  • They enjoy role playing the scenario; very effective.
  • The stories help them pay attention/listen (rather than get in trouble).
  • It’s useful as a group management tool; kids stay engaged.
  • The scenarios are relevant; kids bring their own life stories into the discussion.
  • Helps kids keep an open mind.
  • Makes staff’s job easier.
  • Staff can safely bring up pressing topics (e.g., stealing) in the context of Fiona and Luke.