About - Founders

Laurane Magliari - Founder and Product Developer

As a senior executive in several multi-billion dollar companies – J. P. Morgan Chase, Gartner, The Southland Corporation and The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company – Ms. Magliari strategically led both Human Resources and Marketing organizations. She enjoys a proven track record in transforming organizational culture, providing thought leadership to senior executives and Board members, and developing innovative programs and solutions to meet both associate and customer needs.

After retiring in 2004, Ms. Magliari founded ethiKids, inc., a company dedicated to helping children build character and.  ethiKids creates thought-provoking products and activities that make it fun, easy and safe for adults to engage kids in dialogue about the real-life situations boys and girls face every day.  In the process, kids build a set of values and essential life skills. ethiKids first product, “what’s the deal?” character development game, won Creative Child’s Magazine Seal of Excellence in its launch year. “what’s the deal?” has also be implemented throughout New York City’s Police Athletic League who serves over 100,000 kids. As majority shareholder, Ms. Magliari continues to provide strategic thought leadership to ethiKids.

Ms. Magliari holds a BA from Pace University and has completed specialized, advanced-level education at Stanford University, Harvard University and the Center for Creative Leadership. She sits on the Board of Directors and acts as Co-Chair of the Development Committee for My Sisters’ Place, one of the country’s oldest and most reputable Domestic Violence Agencies. She resides in New York City.

Susan Adam - Product Developer

Throughout her career, Susan Adam has focused on creating values-driven cultures within business environments. A trained educator, Ms. Adam began directing a local performing arts center in Maine (the Chocolate Church) – engaging communities of patrons, artists and educators to bring culture and the arts to the region. As a senior executive in several large organizations, among them Chase Manhattan Bank, The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, Ms. Adam led the development of systems and processes to make it easy for people to simply “do the right thing.” Overseeing organization change management, communication and training (among other functions), she was able to build alignment between beliefs and actions, effectively driving significant culture change.